Beyond Body book is here to help you enjoy your life by breaking barriers to your health and confidence

Self-confidence is everything.

Losing it holds you back from enjoying even the smallest pleasures of life. Stressful job, hectic lifestyle, being overweight, and unhealthy habits will eat away a woman’s self- confidence in no time while also putting her health at risk.

Your body is unique and one-of-a-kind

There are tons of books out there on how to get happier and healthier. These books repeat the same crucial mistake – they're written for the masses, not individuals.

Beyond Body book is created to complement your confidence and celebrate your wellness

We've revolutionized the industry by finding a way to combine the luxury of having a personal nutritionists, fitness and life coach into an accessible and world's first fully personalized wellness book. The book for you - about you.

Revolutionary technology for your wellbeing

We’ve gathered a team of 20 world-class nutritionists and software engineers to create an algorithm that would allow us to write a fully personalized book in less than 24 hours after simply completing the 3-minute quiz. To ensure 100% that it matches your lifestyle, habits, food preferences, and body goals, a professional nutritionist reviews each book before printing it. Because one-size-doesn’t-fit-all. You are unique.

Every personalized meal plan in the book is created using our unique algorithm that scans your quiz answers to generate hundreds and thousands of meal options by calculating the needed calories, macro & micronutrients. This way, we can create an unlimited number of meals that fit your food preferences.

From now on, every meal will be only from the ingredients you love and made to reach your body goals. It couldn’t get easier!

The most remarkable proof of our hard work is you

We're thrilled to have already helped over 200,000 women from 170 countries to overcome their barriers and become the best versions of themselves, mentally and physically.

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